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Leaky Buildings & Aesthetic Recladding

Don’t risk your investment, reclad…
from a leaky home syndrome to a long-lasting legacy

Hybrid provide the expertise working alongside Auckland’s top building surveyors to re-establish your buildings integrity through recladding. The recladding process allows Hybrid to inspect every aspect of your buildings structure, cutting out decay, treating with preservative, and ensuring structural integrity and compliance. Your leaky home will have the most thorough reconstruction with a new top quality weathertight sheathing to ensure the future longevity of your home and investment.

Hybrid provide a high level of documentation in our payment claim and variation process. Our claims are used in remedial litigation claims providing all evidence of expenditure. This level of documentation is of great benefit to architects, building surveyors, project managers and quantity surveyors managing remedial projects.

If you have any questions about Leaky Buildings or Aesthetic Recladding, please contact us.

Fixing Leaky Buildings in Auckland and Aesthetic Recladding