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To Whom it May Concern,

I am happy to recommend Hybrid Residential Led as a building contracting firm to you. Our company has been associated with Hybrid Residential Ltd since 2005, where under my oversight as Engineer to the Contract, Hybrid Residential Ltd have undertaken the remediation/alteration works for a number of our projects for single and multi-level dwellings damaged by excess moisture ingress.

During these building projects I have found the tradespersons in Hybrid Residential Ltd.’s employ to be well-trained, skilled and of a professional calibre, who have developed an expertise in handling these remediation projects, completing them within or on the estimated timeframes, to a good standard and finish. They have and provide a good reporting system for both Lump Sum and Cost Reimbursement works to assist in the tracking of the costs to our building projects. I have found the directors and administrative staff within Hybrid Residential Ltd to be highly professional and approachable, executing each project with reliability and integrity. As a building contracting firm they place a high value in, and are committed to building and maintaining relationships with their contractors and subcontractors alike. I am aware that the head inspectors from the territorial authorities where they have undertaken building projects (that being Auckland City Council, Waitakere City Council and North Shore City Council) have a positive relationship with Hybrid Residential Ltd and consider this company to be a competent building contractor.

I have no hesitation in recommending Hybrid Residential Ltd; should you have any queries, the writer may be contacted.


Yours Faithfully,
Craig Turner
Forensic Building Consultants Limited


To Whom it May Concern,

I have known the Directors of Hybrid Residential Limited and their prior Company Hybrid Construction Limited for over twenty years.

From that time, Hybrid have completed a number of high quality contracts under my control for a number of Government, institutional and residential clients. The work carried out by the Company has been consistently of excellent quality, with careful attention to detail. Their attention to follow-up issues has also been consistently good.

Work carried out since 1987 for our clients include the following:

Department of Corrections:

  • Papakura Service Centre – Porchester Road, Papakura (new building)
  • Pukekohe Service Centre – Roulston Street, Pukekohe (major alterations)
  • Panmure Service Centre – Queens Road (major alterations)

Waitemata District Health Board:

  • District Health Centre – (major alterations)
  • Wilson Home – (alterations)

Kristin School Charitable Trust

  • Classrooms – Science Block and Principals Suite

Corban Estate Arts and Drama Centre

  • Changes to heritage building to form an art gallery

The Managing Director, Dale Bainbridge and his Director wife Gretchen, are well respected community minded people of good character.

Work done by Hybrid can be expected to always be of high quality.


Brian Keys
ANZIA – Registered Architect
Consultant to Adams De La Mare Limited


To Whom it May Concern,

To Whom it may concern,
I have no hesitation in recommending Hybrid Residential Ltd as a building company experienced in undertaking and satisfactorily completing “leaky building” type projects.

I have been associated with the firm on several projects of this nature and have found that principals and staff combine well to provide and efficient building operation that produces quality buildings.


Norman Williams
Architects/Building Consultants


To Whom it May Concern,

My wife and I own one of 11 units in a body corporate, nine of which have been repaired because of leaky building syndrome. I have also been a member of the owners’ committee dealing with the day to day details and decisions involved in the remediation of the property throughout the process. The two remaining units remain the subject of legal negotiations and possible court action to require their repair in the same manner and to the same standard as the nine.

After a lengthy legal action and settlement requiring a substantial financial outlay by the owners to initiate and accomplish, eve before the costs of the actual repair work, the owners were very keen to keep the overall costs of the work to a minimum without compromising the final outcome.

One we were ready to proceed, three tenders were obtained and, with advice from Prendos Limited Hybrid Residential Limited was accepted as successful tenderer, they were also the most competitive of the three quotes received. From the outset we were impressed by, and very satisfied with, the professional approach and practiced expertise of the Hybrid team. Their communications with the body corporate and the individual owners was always prompt, clear and courteous. Of course any project of this magnitude, and involving a budget of well over one million dollars, is fraught with possible difficulties and misunderstandings, but at all-time clear and direct access was available and solutions quickly found.

Of particular note was the quality of the team working on site, from the foreman down, all of whom, besides their obvious expertise and workmanship, were conspicuously friendly, courteous and pleasant to talk to throughout the lengthy process. The quality of the work, overseen by Prendos, was excellent, and the finished project, which can in under or close to budget, is a source of great satisfaction to the owners.

A testimony to the service provided is that the body corporate is intent on requiring the owners of the two remaining units to use Prendos Limited and Hybrid Residential Limited to oversee and carry out the work on those two units, when the time comes, to ensure the same level of expertise and quality of work is maintained throughout the complex, safeguarding the uniformity, durability and value of the entire property.

I am happy to be contacted for any further comments or questions which may arise.


Yours Faithfully
Robert Burke


To Whom it May Concern,

We employed Hybrid Residential Limited recently to repair our Leaky home. Our relationship with Hybrid started over 12 months ago when we enlisted Dale Bainbridge’s assistance with assessing our leaky home and quoting on the repair and re-cladding.

We found Dale extremely professional when quoting for the job – making sure at all time we were comfortable with all of the information outlined in the quote. He also was brilliant in making sure that we had the full picture when it came to what would happened during the re-cladding job, what we could expect whilst his workman were on site and how long the job would take. The builders who worked on our house we could not recommend more highly – Tony the site manager was very approachable and torough – he lead his team effortlessly and the job actually was completed much faster than we expected. The team of builders were extremely experienced and thorough and when and issues did arise – quick to take action.

At all time Clark Bainbridge was in the background as our main point of contact. Clark provided quotes and coordinated additional tradesmen as required and we found him fantastic to deal with.

At all times during our dealings with Hybrid Residential, they were professional, quick to respond and always offered the best possible solution of the best value. We cannot speak more highly of the way in which their builders conducted themselves whilst working on our property and the level of workmanship far and exceeded our expectations. We would have no hesitation in recommending Hybrid Residential to anyone considering using them to fix and re-clad a leaky home or building.


Kind Regards,
Scott and Siobhan Wilson


To Whom it May Concern,

Over the last 5 months our home has been fully reclad by Hybrid Residential under the leadership of Wayne Ogier as Site Manager.

I found the Hybrid team helpful, considerate, approachable and highly professional. They involved me in the process at all times, were willing to make recommendations and listen to my concerns. I was made to feel welcome on the site and was always treated inclusively. I was kept up to date with site minutes.

Hybrid were not only pleasant to work with, they also maintained a high standard of workmanship which was consistent throughout the repair of our home. People coming through our home since have commented on the high level of craftsmanship in the home.

I can recommend this team not just on the basis of their work but also on the quality of the men involved in the repair.


Lynne Goudie


To Whom it May Concern,

We engaged Hybrid Residential Ltd to address the problems created by the use of monolithic cladding and poor construction methods on our two storey family home in 2007.

This work involved the removal of monolithic cladding, inspection of the framing, the recladding of the upper storey with cedar weather board and the replacement of a substantial upper storey deck.

Hybrid also designed and installed a drainage system for a second storey brick veneer wall, the base of which was supported within the extended roof covering part of the lower floor. This involved the design and installation of a stainless steel support for the wall above the roof line allowing drainage on o the roof.

We found Hybrid to be technically competent and able to advise us in clear understandable terms what was required to meet current Council building codes and the granting of a Code of Compliance and at the same time retain the aesthetic appeal of the house.

Hybrid took control of liaison with the Council and their independent inspection contractors. Hybrids obvious knowledge and expertise in the problems being addressed and council procedure smoothed the interface between the councils inspectors and the on-site builders.

In conclusion, we add that, notwithstanding, the unforeseeable need to replace the upper deck and the suspension of the brick wall above the roof, the contingencies allowed for, and explained, in Hybrid Residential Ltd’s quote ensured the job was completed within budget.

We have no hesitation in recommending the Hybrid for any work of a similar nature.


Yours Faithfully
Peter & Tracy Munday